6th Global Energy Conference 2018

Logistics in a New Energy Landscape

Thursday, November 1, 2018

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The 6th annual Global Energy Conference will be held again in 2018 at the luxury hotel, JW Marriott Downtown in Houston, Texas. Customers are invited to join us as we discuss, learn and explore what it means to operate in today's New Energy Landscape.

With world-class speakers, and an exciting and robust agenda, it's our goal to provide spaces and set aside time from our business-as-usual work lives to develop new thinking, and challenge the old.

The past handful of years has thrown up more issues and moving targets that just a decade ago would have almost seemed unthinkable. The pressures on the industry, both from within and externally, to do more with less have far from subsided, and in fact there is a new normal, one which looks very different from 2016 and even 2017.

Yet your imperative, and ours at DHL, is to work on ways to optimize supply chains, to drive even greater efficiency through operations, achieve Goal Zero HSSE targets, implement innovations, and navigate customs and compliance topics that grow in complexity almost daily.

The New Energy Landscape is dynamic, turbulent, and unpredictable, but also optimistic, and offers resilient and future-focused individuals and companies the chance to excel.

The 2018 conference offers an excellent industry platform in Houston for our customers to network, to learn, and to push the limits of what’s possible in Energy logistics.

This one-day conference is now an established industry platform for Energy supply chain professionals, and the 2018 event is one at which we very much hope you will join.

Join us as we navigate the New Energy Landscape together.

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Confirmed Speakers

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Cindy Deleon
Founder & Senior Trade Auditor
Deleon Trade LLC
Mr John Gilbert
CEO Supply Chain
Ph.D., MBA Remi Piet
Senior Director, Infrastructure, Energy & Natural Resources
Americas Market Intelligence
Tyler Smith
ConsenSys Energy
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In 2018, we return to the JW Marriott Houston Downtown set in the historic Samuel F. Carter skyscraper at 806 Main Street. This stunning hotel eloquently carries the rich legacy of the city forward, blending past and present in a dynamic fusion. The shared spaces showcase paintings and sculptures created by local artists for a dose of Southern hospitality. 

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Join the world's innovators, thought leaders, and decision makers in the Energy Sector. 

Register Now

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Why You Should Attend?

This is a one-day event you’ll be glad you scheduled in your calendar.
DHL conferences are well considered, with you in mind.

Join us to:

Network with industry leaders, subject matter experts and peers.

Secure the latest insights into industry trends and opportunities from first-class
presenters and experts in their specialty fields including trade, blockchain,
capital project optimization and more.

Collect practical strategies for optimizing your supply chains, reducing pain points,
and pursuing opportunities for real improvements critical to you.

Enjoy the ambience
of a luxury hotel in downtown Houston, with delicious meals,
snacks and refreshing drinks at the end of the day.

Download our flyer for more information

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